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 Peachtree by Sage Quantum 2010

The Ultimate, High Performance Peachtree by Sage Accounting Solution.Peachtree by Sage - Quantum 2014 is the most comprehensive accounting solution in the Peachtree by Sage line providing superior performance and supporting  10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed, named users.

1. It provides the highest capacity of user security, with predefined, customizable roles to match your business. With Peachtree by Sage Quantum you will always be current with Peachtree by Sage Quantum Business Care

2. -Providing product upgrades and updates for 12 months from date of your purchase, plus access to our priority customer support team to assist you along the way. This powerful product delivers all the features of Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting, plus industry-specific functionality such as robust inventory, job-costing reports, work tickets and much more. Peachtree by Sage Quantum is the ultimate, high performance Peachtree by Sage solution for businesses with expanding needs.

Key Benefits:

  • o Smart Posting technology yielding increased performance in saving transactions and allows increased work for more users.
  • o Faster report access and transaction screen lookups.
  • o Increased performance and speed of transaction saves.
  • o Accommodates 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed, named user product access.
  • o Ability to set user security requirements based on how your business works.
  • o Always on the latest release with Peachtree by Sage Quantum Business Care.
  • o Includes Support, Service, Training Guides and Online Sessions enabling you to fully leverage the advantages of Peachtree by Sage Quantum.
  • o Includes industry-specific reports and features allowing the ability to use features from other categories to drive your business.
  • o 90-day return policy, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Ultimate Speed and Performance

- Access nearly all reports in less than a second.

- Up to 50% faster performance of look-up lists for customers, jobs, vendors and accounts on transaction screens such as invoices and purchase orders.

- Experience up to 90% faster save times, providing multi-user work efficiency and allowing up to twice as much work to be completed. Save times are faster in most used areas such as invoices, quotes, sales orders, receipts, purchase orders, payments and more!

- Because Peachtree by Sage Quantum has been designed to handle more transactions with more users, even greater performance improvements should be experienced in these environments.

- And for those upgrading from older Peachtree by Sage versions should experience even greater performance gains when moving to Peachtree by Sage Quantum 2010.


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