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The new Sage Peachtree 2014 product line supports the objectives of our small business clients who are committed to getting the numbers right and making decisions that improve results. The Sage Peachtree 2014 release simplifies everyday tasks so you can get more done, helps you to get information faster, and provides tools to help you increase your business profitability. New dashboards and management centers place the most important information at your fingertips, and helpful screens make it easier to work with multiple jobs and projects, bill customers and clients for services, and control inventory.

Sage Peachtree 2014 – Release Overview

NEW!  Job Cost Change Order Processing

Includes tracking, list view/reporting, a new Change Order Form for approval, and updated estimated revenues and expenses with approved changes. Keeps all information related to the Change Order in one place, and lets you see the related financial impact!

NEW!  Job Status Indicators

Easily communicate each Job’s status at a glance! Instantly see which Jobs are at risk, on track or any other type of status your business requires. Color-coded “stoplights” instantly communicate the status. Status can be viewed from various places, like the Job record, Job list view, dashboards, reports, etc. 

IMPROVED!  Easier Data Entry for Jobs

A dramatic reduction in redundant data entry, more room for Job notes, and an easier way to stay on top of each Job! Select the Job on the first line of a transaction and it automatically populates to the following lines, saving time and virtually eliminating errors. Select the correct Job, Phase, and Cost Code without taking your hands off the keyboard. Customize warnings to appear if you should forget to enter a Job on a Sale or Purchase transaction.   

NEW!  Credit Card Compliance (PCI)

Upgrading to Sage Peachtree 2014 ensures that you can maintain credit card processing functionality while limiting fraud exposure, regardless of which firm you use for credit card processing.

NEW!  Inventory and Services Management Center

A customizable dashboard which shows you everything you want to know about a single Inventory Item or Service. Use it for quick research comparisons, decision making, understanding quantities, user, and complex assembly relationships. Immediately see answers such as Last Unit Price, Number of Units, Vendors Purchased From, Open Transactions and Backorders, and more! 

ENHANCED!  Inventory Assembly Reporting

Handle Assemblies in new ways with modules on the Inventory and Services Management Center. See at-a-glance management information like where Items appear on Bill of Materials, component usage, Assemblies Built, and Work Tickets! 

NEW!  Streamlined Service Billing

Quickly Invoice Customers for any unbilled Time and Expenses! Apply Time and Expense Tickets all at one time to increase billing efficiency and help prevent delayed or lost revenue. Quickly generates multiple Invoices for all unbilled Time and Expense Tickets, and Reimbursable Expenses. Filter by Customer, or Job, as well as by Transaction Type, using an As of Date or Earlier!

IMPROVED!  Easier Installation

Improvements make it easier, and faster, to upgrade to Sage Peachtree 2011! Sage Peachtree 2011 detects and applies settings from previous installations, providing you with fewer screens, and more guidance. Move up to higher levels by simply registering a new Serial Number – no more uninstall and reinstall procedures to follow

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